Brevetto Mondiale Esclusivo


Abate Basilio & C. has developed a new system of modular mould design called "FLEXOMOULD®" that has the following advantages:

  • Modularity of the cavities in order to change the dimensions and the shape of the products on the same mould
  • Fast change and setup of the shapes directly on the IMM with the movement of the platen and without the need to dismantle the mould from the machine.
  • Setup time to change product (Production/Production) for 2-cav-FlexoMould® <25 min. Setup time for 4-cav- FlexoMould® < 50 min..
  • Our customers can invest in the state of-the-art material and normalized for the hot half and the framework (for instance in stainless steel) because this parts will work all the time with several shapes/dimensions and their pay back will be faster. This strategy guarantees the best results in term of quality for the products and the maximum reliability of the moulds with the minimum investment.
  • Furthermore, the FlexoMould® provides quicker pay-back, also the automation for IML because this mould allows to exploit the best flexibility of the robot. The FlexoMould® always maintains the same number of cavities, the same distance between centers and the same type of extraction system.