Moulds for flowerpot

The mould for flowerpot requires:

  • emented carbide insert opposite to the point of injection; for reduced wear caused by aggressive recycled material and high injection pressures
  • Special alloy with high heat conductivity properties that produce intensive cooling and faster cycle times
  • Abate’s exclusive construction of Azoto-cylinders-bottom pins that compensates thermal and mechanical variations and guarantee open and flash-free bottom holes
  • Long-life moulds for continuous production
  • Perfect centering and easy maintenance of the cavities (see the Square the circle® technology)
  • Specialist in thin walled and special product forms
  • ⦁ Fast ejection obtained by a mixed mechanical/pneumatic system trough our patended no leakage air valve VABA®
  • short cycle times thanks to optimum mould design and intensive cooling system  (see the Inner core extra cooling system® technology)
  • possibility to assemble handles and containers with the mould, designed to offer significant advantages and savings  (see the In mould assembly® technology)
  • Single and multiple cavities