Moulds for buckets and pails

Abate is market leader in the field of high performance moulds for the production of round containers and pots.
The mould for bucket requires:

  • long-life moulds for continuous production
  • perfect centering and easy maintenance of the cavities (see the Square the circle® technology)
  • thin wall and special closures
  • highly heat conductivity alloy for intensive cooling and shorter cycle times
  • short cycle times thanks to perfect mould design and intensive cooling system (see the Inner core extra cooling system® technology)
  • Assemble of the handle into the container in one mould (see the In mould assembly® technology)
  • single and multiple cavities
  • Fast ejection obtained by a mixed mechanical/pneumatic system trough our patended no leakage air valve VABA®
  • single and multiple cavities with the advantage of the modularity of the cavities in order to let a fast changing of the molded products ,see our technology Flexomould®

Abate has over 20 years experience in this field to help customers to choose the best solution among buckets and pails patented closing: simple, double and triple lock systems. See our patented Quadrowings® and Triplock®