World Exclusive Patent


The best solution for the centering systems of moulds, developed and patented worldwide by Abate and suitable for all mould configurations , including multi-cavity moulds.

Either round with inserts for single cavity, medium to large size pails, or a mixed concept of octagonal-square systems for multi-cavity moulds of all sizes or specific single cavity applications; the conical configuration of inserts, where the spacers are placed underneath horizontally , i.e. Orthogonal to the load direction (clamping force) that produces a fraction of centering calibration on the tangent of the cone.

It is realized coupling two thermal treated inserts that are working together in order to guarantee long lasting performances and minimize wear.


  • The spacers under the mould inserts are not subjected to the wear from the mould locking force and do not need to be replaced.
  • Possibility to control the centering and consequently to keep the tolerance of the walls of the product during the life of the mould. This is a great feature and allows a tight tolerance of the thickness all around the wall.
  • 8 couples of inserts that means 16 centering axle capability.
  • The re-centering of the mould is very easy and can be done with the mould mounted on the machine in 7-10 minutes, each cavity.
  • The dimensions of the multi cavity mould can be reduce and the power increased thanks to the force of the centering and clamping on the 4 corners where we have higher structure resistance.
  • This is the best solution for highest precision of the wall thickness, no wear, high stability and long life of the mould.
  • This centering system is also flexible to be adjusted when you change the IMM and the relevant tolerance in the parallelism of the IMM plates.

Results: All our customers including the leading companies all over the world and those who used square moulds, have happily decided to buy our system and recognized the superiority of our technology.