Exclusive Worldwide Patented IMA Technology for containers with handles


Multi-Cavities-Mould for Containers and Handles
( with IML technology wall side)
Containers with Handles co-injected and auto assembly
Fully automated in-mould handle to bucket assembly with multiple co-injection
1 shot - 1 pail + 1 handle - 1 cycle
No additional external automation (robot) - No ("0") cycle time waist for the assembly operation

Advantages of IMA (In Mould Assembly) technology:

  • No post operation needed to assemble the handle, which is automatic and lasts for 24 hours
  • No additional mould and machine for the handle.
  • All the hygiene standards of food industry are respected.
  • Maximum flexibility of the automation which is just for IML and pick and place (not for handle assembly), and can be changed according to pail model.
  • In our last IMA technology the pin area where the handle is attached to the pail, is also properly cooled, therefore the main cycle time is not affected.
  • The mould design can provide the horizontal position of the handle after assembly, so to favour offset printing and/or stacking requirements.
  • Abate IMA system is different from our competitors that have recognised the Abate system is the best in the market because the design the handle can be completely different from the design and the injection of the pail (2 separate cavities).
  • Abate IMA system is purely mechanical driven and operated, and therefore there is no possibility of faults (it work properly 100%) when regular maintenance is applied as it should be for any good mould. (no external automation is required)
  • Reliability and long life of the mould and the system itself.
  • Advanced patented centring system "Square the circle®"
  • Suitable and designed for IML application.

Your saving:

  • No external automation or labour for handle fitting
  • No external factors causing mistakes and/or -production line stoppages
  • No additional mould and IMM for handle production
  • Reduced logistic and space
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced production line supervision: our system can work -unattended.