Advanced skills for production

Our moulds are manufactured in a high-technology environment. Research, development and investment ensures continuous innovation.
The production process is submitted to a Production control system that allows to follow each phase of the production status. In addition to common processes the following machining-techniques are used in our production:
6-axis simultaneous CNC deep drilling for intensive and complex cooling paths in order to achieve the most advanced cooling path for the best performance.
5-axis simultaneous CNC milling with fully- automatic work piece pallet changer (to achieve the quickest throughput times in shift operation)
All ours 5 axis milling machine are equipped with online laser control to check the real dimensions VS the 3D theoretical dimensions
3-axis simultaneous CNC high speed milling up to 40000 rpm


Abate experience and continuous research guarantee a technical development that means efficient solutions for our customers in the field of injection moulding.
Our patented technologies related to mould-in-cooling, centering, in-mould assembly, ejection of the product and the patented design of new containers with customized closing for food and industrial purpose give the customer real advantages compared to the competition.