Located between Brescia and Lake Garda, among one of Italys’ most important districts for molding technologies, our Company specialize in the manufacture of high performance, high precision injection moulds for the plastics industry, mostly in packaging and fast cycle parts applications.
In particular, we specialized in the manufacture of high performance, flat and sandwich moulds suitable for the production of thin wall for food or non-food containers, , (T.W.P.P. Thin Walled Packaging Products) with IML (In Mold Labeling). We are furthermore involved in the technical field with our exclusive unscrewing system and 2K moulds two colour and/or two material applications.

  • Thin wall containers for food industry: margarine application.
  • Thin wall containers for food industry: margarine, ice-cream, yogurt’s container, with and without TE feature with IML decoration
  • Flower pots
  • Drinking cups
  • Buckets for various industries, including food and paint industry
  • Crates and foldable crates for beverages, agriculture and various industries

Abate is the leader mould makers in Europe in these fields and is highly specialized in the following applications:

  • Multi-cavity flat moulds
  • Multi- cavity stack moulds
  • Family moulds (base and lids)
  • Multi- cavity moulds with exclusive In-mould Assembly (see our IMA) also for bi-component applications.
  • Multi- cavity unscrewing moulds for technical products (caps, lids etc).

In-house mould Design and manufacturing guarantees total quality control of our moulds to customers with complete interchangeability of all mould parts.
This is our unique feature compared to our competitors.