All our moulds have to pass our quality test before delivery, perfect start for perfect production.
In our premises all the moulds are tested and together with the final customer we can test the full equipment in our testing room.
In fact the customer can test their automations together with the moulds on our IMMs in order to test the complete system running.
We can make a pre-series of new product that can be performed under completely realistic production conditions - a circumstance which can be decisive importance, particularly in the development of new projects.

Abate Basilio & C is a family company full engaged since more than 40 years not only in mould making but also in the design of new containers and packaging solutions for customers all over the world.
Our Company may offer its customers all those advantages coming from a restricted but agile and functional structure where the direct touch, either on the phone or personal, never fails.

Since the beginning our team supports the customers all over the world with a reliable design of the mould and ready spare parts that can be guaranteed for 10 years.

The 95% of our turnover is placed in foreign countries shared in all the 5 continents.

Our policy of export is supplemented by practice-oriented training courses to familiarize our customers' skilled staff with all the technical aspects.

We organize training course in the company to train your technicians how to use and maintain in efficiency the tools because High Performances Moulds need Top people to release its full potential.